Mare, born: 4.8.2006 Finland , 165 cm.
Finnish Pedigree-service Sukuposti
Owner: Riverbank Horses & Johanna Saarinen

Essi is a 4-fold Kyvyt Esiin (Talent Evaluation) finalist; as a 2 years old she got the score 7.84 for gates with a placement  6/10, the score 6.88 for jumping and placement 9/12. At the age of 3: 7.67 forgates, placement 4/12, and 7.10 for jumping.

In Lohja 2009 evalutaion test Essi was  the best 3-year-old getting 8.7 points for  the technique and the ability to jump, 9.0 for temperament and the ability to co-operate, 8.4 for mechanics of gates and the ability to carry itself and 9.3 points from overall impression.

Essi has is its dam's, Cleo II, very active hindlegs and elastic gaits.  Dam comes out very successfull  Holstain mare line 7126, which is also a origin of the stallions Accord I-III by Ahorn Z, Acobat I-III by Athlet Z, Charisma by Calido and Burggraaf by Landgraf. This mare line has produced 48 licenced stallions. Meredith Michaels -Beebaum's Olympic horse  Bella Donna is also from this mare line.

Her Sire is the KWNP stallion Riant, who  was the  stallion show winner  2005 in Ypäjä. Riant  competes at  Intermediare I level in the Netherlands aside with his breedign carrier.. Grand-sire Jazz is Dutch Year's Stallion in 2009 and 2008, which competed GP-level in dressage. Sire's grand-dam Cantira is also dam for breed stallion SirScandic.

This young clear headed horse carries a rider without any problems and has already done her firts competations in both deciplins.

As a  1 year old she was sold to Finnish GP-rider, but now on bought back to Riverbank Stable to continue her seccessfull breeding carrier.

Foals :
2010: colt Riverbank Sancreo:n by San Amour. Finalist for young dressage prospects 2012. Licenced for breeding in Oldenburg 2012  Sold to stallionstation Sosath, Germany renamed as San Riant

Clean x-rays

i. Riant KWPN video

elite Jazz (video)
pref Cocktail (video)
keur Charmante
keur pref Cantira

e. Cleo II DWB

Come Back II Holst.