Gelding. Born 4 April 1997 in Denmark. Breeder: Fradsen Else Marie, DK. Imported to Finland in 2006.

Vikjaersrvans Mirage is The Horse of my Life and typical offspring of his sire Come Back II; he is essentially a very vigorous and alert horse and the more demanding movements come naturally and are performed with ease. Mirage has been trained in dressage up to GP level. He is a beautifully energetic, sensitive and pleasant ride with comfortable and elastic gaits. Mirage is by nature a kind gentleman who develops great attachment to hisrider. Height: 170cm.

Mirage descends from the stallion Come Back II (placed 15th in 2009 at FEI / WBFSH Horse Rankings). Come
Back II competed on international Grand Prix level in dressage, as did/does many of his descendants, such
as: Calecto V , Come to Me, Come on III, Efendi, Toy Story and Riverbank Raffaldo. The dam's pedigree is
influenced by the stallion Wörmann as also seen in Raffaldo's pedigree.

Dressage competition results for 2008, with rider Nina Pölönen:

Järvenpää Intermediare I 3rd place 68,167%
Ypäjä Team Finnish Championship medium/intermediate B victory 68,636%
Helsinki Grand Prix 3rd place 59,444%
Lpr Intermediare I 5th place 66,917% and Int. I 4th place 66,000%, Prix St Georges 3rd place 65,667%
Harju Intermediare I 6th place 63,667%, Prix St Georges 8th place 62,500%
Tuomarinkylä Prix St Georges 7th place 64,167%
Lohja Prix St Georges 10th place 64,000%
Poni-Haka Prix St Georges 5th place 66,250%

Price (very low) at request (X-ray category IV)

Come Back II Holst.

Landgraf I

Melanie DWB

Wentzel I
Mireille Mathieu