Mare. Born 22 May 2007 in Finland, 158 cm.

Rosey was rewarded with the II Prize at Show for Finnish Warmblood in Savijärvi on 5 July 2007.
Owner Marjo Nurminen.

In spring 2009, as a 2 yr old filly, Rosey participated in the qualifying event  in Lohja scoring
8,7 pts for jumping technique and capacity, 9,0 for character and ability to co-operate. Judge's comment was: The horse is very well balanced with clear intention in all actions. It takes off to the fentches lightly and self-confidently. She has a very good use of the back. An interesting foal with a extreamly good temper. The walk is relaxed and ground covering and has a good over step: 8.5 pts. The trot is loose with a good push: 8.0
pts for trot and 7.8 pts for canter. These ratings gave her a place in the final for gaits. In the finals
Rosey received a total score of 7.4 pts and was particular praised the good rhythm, walk and co-operation.
Rating records (in Finnish only): gaits, jumps.

Rosey was put under the saddle in the autumn of 2009. She behaves nicely and moves with a steady rein
contact while maintaining her excellent rythm and balance. She is now back in reading and shows excellent rideability.

In spring 2010 Rosey took part in the Haarajoki qualifying event  receiving good assessments in the
jumping phase for her rhyth and balance, use of back and fine leg action and a
good push. Rosey received 7,5 pts for technique and capacity and 8,5 pts for her character and ability to
co-operate. At the dressage phase she received praise in particular for her positive attitude and excellent
behaviour. She received 8,2 pts for a clean, relaxed and yet active walk, 7,6 pts for her light and active trot,
7,8 pts for her very energetic canter with a good flow and active use hind quarters. She received 7,5 pts for general impression and 8,0 pts for capasity resulting a total of 7,81 pts.

In the autumn 2012 Rosey took part to the 3 days qualification test "Laatuarvostelu" for young horses in Ypäjä and she was 14th  out of  39 equipage.

Rosey's dam is the Premium studbook registered mare Pukurosa and the sire is Damsey, a horse with
competition success in classes for young horses up to St Georges in Germany.

Rosey is an excellent choice for  riding and breeding and she has an ultra talented Premium filly Tiffanyborn 2011 by stallion L'Espoir.

Clean X-rays. Sold to Marjo Nurminen.

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St. Pr. St. Grandizza
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